Malcolm Taylor

From the Artist’s son


As a family member, my appreciation of my father’s work is somewhat biased. Nonetheless, his paintings have provided a great deal of pleasure over the decades, and are a constant link to a wonderful man.

I hope that visitors to this website will share in these joys, perhaps revisiting many times to savour the gems within. The landscapes depict a quintessential England that does still exist despite the march of progress. The technical illustrations reflect a lifetime spent working on intricate detail, and touch on subjects close to my heart. But the cards are the real story, because they link in a unique way a husband and wife, a son and his parents, a grandfather and his grandchildren. They show a love of family in a way that is much more expressive than words. And they expose characteristics that all of us came to relish – an admiration for natural beauty, a quiet and whimsical sense of humour, an understanding of worldly balance. If the visitor can glean these from this website, then a fine man’s memory will deservedly persist.

Malcolm Taylor, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA